ha chiuso il mio account quindi ci vorrà un pò di tempo per ripristinare i link offline nella sezione download.. Saluti 🤣

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  1. diatoveli

    TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    brainware Indeed many wanted to install the 17.2 fixed 1 on the 17.1 all dafox, because they left here, so as far as I know, only on a website in your country and at the request of many users of the same (myself) sign the 17.2 , because if they did not overwrite they would die, which seems like a meme, but what you have to know is that this does not imply any modification at all to the dafox apk, then when I pulled fix 3 it was already signed. For years I have known DF and as you know by its quality as a colleague and person, respect for it is total. That week there was a lot of movement I also notice that many people install without having Android 9 and as we now know the problem is in the installation in SD with 17.2 and 17.3 and as I said here the one that does not fail is DF regards
  2. diatoveli

    TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    you have tried installing directly above 17.1 version 17.2 FIXED3 (internal memory for not problem)
  3. diatoveli

    TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    comentario Usó el mismo apk (MASTER DaFox) Android 8 smatrphone interno todo instalado en él, no hay problema 17.1 instalados 17.2 FIXED2 OK (firmado) 17.2 FIXED3 OK 17.3 OK 17.3 FIXED1 OK Tableta externa Android SD 7 17.1 instalado 17.2 FIXED2 OK (firmado) instalado arriba 17.2 FIXED3 No instalar arriba 17.3 No instalar arriba 17.3 FIXED1 No instalar en la parte superior otros colegas con Android 9, instalado en problemas externos, con TTS, instalado interno, no hay problema. esperamos que la compañía "recargue las baterías pronto". Después de la compra de Android por Google y KitKat, el tema de los juegos en SD, TTA pareció resolverlo. Pero Android 9 ... los convierte en la cabeza, pero todo arriba Aquí lo que no falla es DaFox ... 👍 saludos