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  1. Truecaller Pro

    Your just so great
  2. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    New maps are ready to download in-app: 1005.8757
  3. Truecaller Pro

    Great.... Thanks
  4. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    Hi DeltaFox. First a big thanks for your excellent work Have you a guide or some fix to transform my Favorites from my old phone (OnePlus One), to my new Samsung S8 (Android Oreo) ??? I very nice and brilliant day to you my friend
  5. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    Have upgraded to the latest Maps from TomTom version 1000.8631 Thanks again
  6. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    Just some info to others, there isen't anything wrong with *DelteFoX* 1.17.1 version, all trouble comes from TomTom's server. We just have to wait for another >FIX</ >version< from TomTom, and next DeltaFoX "fixed" version short after. Stay cool guys
  7. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    Hi This working super as usual, just installed over the 1.17 version. Thanks and great day to you
  8. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    Thanks for your work until now. Now we just waiting you to arrived at home Sonday, so you got the time to patch the new 1.17.1 build 2121. Stay cool my friend