ha chiuso il mio account quindi ci vorr√† un p√≤ di tempo per ripristinare i link offline nella sezione download.. Saluti ūü§£

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kalash nikov

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  1. kalash nikov

    iwscan. Analyzer [ROOT]

    This one is OK ! Works as expected, without any issues. Thanks again !
  2. kalash nikov

    Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

    How to see flights from last week ? I can't figure out where to put the date. Anyone ?
  3. kalash nikov


    I can't install this version (ARM 3.2.42) on my Sammy S8+ (Nougat 7.0): I get "package damaged" every time when I try to install it. All previous versions installed perfect, no issues there, only this latest version gives me issues. I've already tried to download it again and again (3 times on my PC, even with different browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera), but no avail. Could you please check this ?
  4. Here you have the original file from the PS

    Maybe it has been updated (fixed permissions) while keeping the version number (silent update)


    1. DeltaFoX


      Ok next time use a PM.. Regards 

  5. kalash nikov

    Truecaller Pro

    Since v8.63.5.863005, Truecaller shows "expires on 10/12/17" in the main menu. It stays there after updating to v8.63.6.863006. Is this a pure cosmetic issue with the 2 last versions or a small glitch in the patching process ? .
  6. kalash nikov

    TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    New FIXED patch is working perfect including Trafic info. I just installed this new patch over an existing patched and working install from v1.17. Big THANK YOU for DeltaFox for making this possible !
  7. kalash nikov

    TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the P-store version : after removing all traces of existing install and than install PS-version 1.17.1, it did work for me. I was connected to the TT-servers and was able to download a map. Also "traffic" was working.