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[Download] Tomtom Nds [Retail] [Android]

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Tomtom Nds [Retail]

Tomtom Nds v1.6.1
(armeabi-v7a / arm64-v8a )

Play Store Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.nds

- Full Working, whit New Nds maps


Language: Multi
Release Type: Retail


1) Copy main.17.com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.nds.obb File in :
SDcard\Android\obb\com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.nds If this folder does not exist, create it.

2) install relative apk...

SHA256 Sum : CA0C17560268B28409CA91CB53A479AA24224504ABA4E8D9D7EA7ECB5E4D368E

SHA256 Sum : 2fc2c145b4cfab55994abf6298b48baeb07f32a33e5125167087b806af0604a0 

SHA256 Sum : 673BC17186F6872CFA5A6D8B9D6DEB05684E364BEE75A74352D15DAF9F0429BE

Offline Maps, Online Experience. Save data, drive safer.

SDL connection: Connect your phone and car to view and control the app from your display.
TomTom Traffic: Get intelligent routes that avoid traffic in real-time.*
Speed Cameras: Advanced warnings notify you about upcoming speed cameras.*
Online Search: Look up any destination on the go with our up-to-date database.*
Share ETA: Let others know your arrival time and location using any messaging channel of your choice.

com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.nds-1.6. 1.b.518_armeabi-v7a.apk

..:: DeltaFoX ::..


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NDS map delivery service is revolutionary for a offline GPS app. Eventually this version will replace TomTom Go.


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About TomTom NDS Maps

Looks like Fresh Map Update are'nt running correctly in the background as promised by TomTom NDS

It seems to be a new Map updates again, but not automaticly installed by Fresh Map Update. So we have to deleting old map, first then download the new maps. From the file size it seems that it is only a minor update. Some maps are even a bit smaller. (new technology in NDS Maps)

So hopefully the next update has corrected it, so we will have benefit of > Fresh Map Update

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1 hour ago, montanarocosimo said:

non si riesce  a installare mi da sempre errore

Se magari spieghi come installi e che tipo di errore hai e quale device usi forse sarebbe meglio altrimenti non significa nulla 

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1 hour ago, maquina0824 said:

What different between arm64 v8a and armesbi 7a??

Enviado desde mi P98 4G(A8H9) mediante Tapatalk

nothing.. only device when run...

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